Friday, August 18, 2006

v for vendetta

So, V for Vendetta turned out to be what I expected, based on what I had heard. Fantastic imagery, some bloody action, an enigmatic main character, hairless Natalie Portman. Oh, and some political discussion points. Make that a lot of political discussion points. Er, I mean a continual deluge of political discussion points.

Although still not as pathetically clumsy and obvious as the contrived mention of a "Triad of Evil" in a Star Wars pre-episode III novel, Labyrinth of Evil. We in the know, including George Lucas, have long been aware of how the Old Republic turned into the Galactic Empire; the general process by which this happens has repeated throughout history. Read Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, if you don't mind feeling chills down your back.

I'm also amused by people praising the "boldness" of this movie. The US is not repressive. Hollywood has made "bold", "political" movies for a long time. Not that those movies always do well...anyway, V for Vendetta is a stunning movie in more than one sense, so I recommend that people take a look. And start treating your favorite downtrodden minority nicer today!

Unrelated observation from watching my Klingon Fan Collective DVD set: I've only seen a handful of episodes of Deep Space Nine, but after the episodes on this set, I'm frightened by how deeply I like Jadzia Dax. Her appearance (hey, I'm only human, you know), her fun personality, her many layers of competence, her intriguing backstory(-ies), her rapport with Sisko. How sad is a crush on a fictional character? Pretty dang sad, I'd guess.

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