Thursday, August 17, 2006

peeve no. 241 - release date slippage

No, I don't mean Vista.

I don't know how long this information has been out and about on the Web, but apparently the muppet show season two DVD will NOT come out in 2006, but in spring of 2007. Season one had some excellent bits, but the celebrity list was...unimpressive. Any fans of Peter Ustinov out there? Joel Gray? Charles Aznavour? Maybe this isn't a fair complaint, since it was the very first season, and admittedly there were some greats (legends) like Vincent Price in some of the episodes too. Another annoying fact of the first season was that not only were the main muppets' personalities not yet firing on all cylinders, but the appearance/design was different at that time. From what I've read, season two was a big step up from season one in regard to these complaints, so I have eagerly awaited it. Then again, I eagerly awaited the continually reschedued Final Fantasy: Advent Children's US release too, and unfortunately the muppet people seem to have taken a page from that playbook. You know you'll get my money. Why must you deprive yourself of it?

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