Tuesday, August 08, 2006

aw, just read this page

I've been pondering some more posts about data typing in languages, the practical use of functional programming, etc., but after I reread the following page, I decided to just link to it since it makes pretty much all of the points I was thinking and more: Scalable computer programming languages . Even better, it was written by someone who's arguably more qualified than me to opine about any computer science topic whatsoever, and a more effective writer. I must confess, his mention of some language called Dylan has piqued my curiosity. I wonder what he would think about Ruby.
If programming languages were cars... acts like a humorous shorthand for his article's opinion.

Bonus observation (i.e. unconnected topic that doesn't warrant its own post): I saw the Last Exit to Springfield episode of the Simpsons not too long ago. It's so good, so emblematic of what the Simpsons did right, that I want to cry for the series' current state. Homer and Burns misinterpreting each other, Lisa playing Classical Gas on guitar, "dental plan...lisa needs braces...dental plan...lisa needs braces...", Burns and Smithers running the plant by themselves, a nod to the Grinch cartoon. So many great moments, and so wonderfully surreal.

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