Sunday, June 18, 2006

Spider Riders? Seriously?

Maybe what I'm about to point out isn't news to people who keep track of such things, but I have just concluded that most anime kids shows consist of the same set of endlessly rehashed story elements.

Let's make one, right now. It can be like mad libs.
  1. Alternate reality - a universe inside a refrigerator.
  2. Main character(s) - one spiky-haired heroic kid and one nerdy kid with big glasses.
  3. Proxy entities that do battle - pickles.
  4. A long line of cannon fodder enemies - those damn dirty spuds.
  5. Enemy kingpin with super ultimate great power - lasagna.
  6. Title - Gherkin Warriors.
Feel free to steal this idea. Hmm, it's even better if the proxy entities are deceptively small and cute. "I choose you, baby dill!" "I invoke the power of the hamburger slice!" Perhaps there could be some elaboration on how the pickles view the pickling process. Would it be like birth? Maybe it is a great honor to be pickled into a warrior. I could go on and on.

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