Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Ridiculous Language Hang-up

Is it really so insane that I'm annoyed by the lack of third-person plural pronouns for mere objects as opposed to people? One person is a he or she or him or her, but one gender-neutral object is an it. More than one person is they or them, but more than one object is also they or them! Such a tiny inconsistency in language rules shouldn't bother me, but there it is. Just group objects together and then you can treat them like syntactic people. Offend someone by calling him or her "it", but who takes offense on behalf of the innocent objects who get called "they"? I do, that's who! Oh curses, those nice young men in the white suits are approaching me with restraints again. I'm so sorry for thinking outside the language box . After all, it's all doubleplusgood .

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