Sunday, June 18, 2006

Art Imitates Life, or Life Imitates Art, er...

I was looking to kill some time earlier today, so I half-watched an episode of Matlock because it had Don Knotts in it according to my MythTV computer. That episode also had Drew Carey. Not Drew Carey , but "Drew Carey", an annoying, abrasive minor character that Matlock had the bad luck of representing. It was unintentionally funny hearing Matlock complain about not being able to restrain Drew Carey in the courtroom. Of course, it got old really fast, seeing as how it was an episode of Matlock. I ended up skipping to the sections with Knotts, watching them somewhat wistfully (he's dead, dont-cha-know). There was a scene at the end in which Matlock was sitting side by side on a small piece of furniture with whatever character Knotts was, and the two of them were drinking wine. It was a little uncomfortable to watch...

Sad to say, this isn't the first time I've been sucked into watching Matlock. The other time was because it was an episode with Terry O'Quinn. He played an eccentric rich guy (as I've heard, poor people are crazy but rich people are eccentric) who taunts Matlock by telling him about his murder plans ahead of time. It was a pretty good episode, actually.

No, I'm not an old fart like Abe Simpson for talking about Matlock once. This will be the only time.

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