Thursday, April 08, 2010

release 1.6.10 of the PowerShell Provider for Mercurial

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Release 1.6.10 introduces two features. The first is a special case of getting the content (gc) of a changeset. When the changeset's path ends in ":stat" then the returned content is the three bottom totals from "hg di --stat", 1) number of files changed, 2) lines added, 3) lines removed. In my opinion, the task of obtaining those numbers for a changeset is probably frequent enough, and the hassle saved by delegating the parsing substantial enough, to justify placing direct support for it in the provider. It's possible that :stat will be joined by other path suffix "modifiers" in the future but only if the effect achieved is similarly frequent and substantial (i.e. no path modifiers for rare or trivially-achieved tasks).

The second feature is a module script file, MercurialProvider.psm1, which contains helper PowerShell functions for common needs. Currently all the functions are for more convenient usage of the ":stat" modifier.

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