Wednesday, November 14, 2007

another case of unintentionally funny

I've stumbled on another unintentional funny from somewhere on the Web. This is a concluding analysis after converting a function to be truly tail-recursive:
Comparing those two the first one increases the stack to a point until it starts to pop the stack. The tail recursive version does not use the stack to keep a “memory” what it has still to do, but calculates the result imediatly. Comparing the source though, in my view the tail recursive version takes all beaty out of the recursive implementation. It nearly looks iterative.

Hmm...tail recursion making a recursive function "nearly look" iterative. Go figure.

(What makes this funny, of course, is the fact that in situations without mutable variables, tail-recursive functions are the way to achieve iteration. And converting recursion into iteration through an explicit stack is another well-known technique...)

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