Tuesday, October 09, 2007

link: the agile memeplex

ACM Queue has an article analyzing agile development/methodology as a "memeplex": a collection of memes. Unlike some other writing on the 'Net, it goes to the hassle of defining what exactly a "meme" is, and it even uses the word to mean something beyond "blog fad". Its point is that all things Agile are more convincing and meaningful when context is included. Moreover, the vocabulary of Agile is less mystifying after people understand the more-traditional software development concepts the words are almost-synonyms for. As I read it, the article is not an attack on Agile, but a plea to delve into the ever-important details to extract and integrate agile (lower-case) ideas confidently.

The article also mentions in passing that the name "Extreme Development" may have incited both interest and disinterest among developers. Speaking as someone who's generally annoyed by X-treme usage of "extreme", I must agree. (Perhaps "extreme" is the new "awesome"?)

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