Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Python 3000 Status Update

Link here. I admit to not currently using any implementation of Python for work or play. Many months ago I experimented with Jython for some job tasks, but since then the night-and-day difference in momentum between the Jython and Groovy projects has led the decision-makers to prefer Groovy. Either way, most of the code I work on remains Java or C#.

Nevertheless, I'm glad to see Python 3000 is almost there, and just as glad to see that some of Python's little quirks will be corrected. As Guido explains, the changes are intended to make Python more pythonic! Die, '<>' operator, die!

Yay for Unicode support, with bonus points for properly crediting Java as the design inspiration. I wonder how restless the natives may become when they notice that Python 3000 has separate object hierarchies for streams and bytes, abstract base classes, "annotated" function signatures, "print" as a function...

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