Friday, April 13, 2007

peeve no. 248 is politics on nonpolitical sites

I just seem to be racking up these peeves lately, haven't I? Well, I've been busier, and unlike other posts these peeves almost write themselves, are short, and require no inspiration beyond trivial dissatisfaction...

Seeing purely political diatribes, stories, links, ads, etc. on a web site that isn't geared toward politics unavoidably puts me in a bad mood (sequestering politics in a distinct "Politics" section is, of course, fine, as is politics with a connection to the site's topic matter). If I agree with the political point, I become upset that the point had to be made at all, because it's so obviously right! If I disagree with the political point, I become upset that there are nerfherding idiots polluting the 'Net all the time! The politics must surely be annoying for readers in countries outside the US, too...

If I want to read politics, there's no shortage of politically-geared sites I could go to. Drop the off-subject politicking everywhere else, please!

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