Wednesday, February 07, 2007

this post may contain profanity in the future

I've noticed that the word "frack" is appearing more and more in the media I consume (what that says about what I read/watch/listen to is left as an exercise to the reader). The practice of using a fictional or unrelated word as a stand-in for usual profanity has a long, fascinating history, that naturally mirrors the history of profanity itself. The acceptability or respectablity of any given word can change over time. Taking all of this into account: what if a stand-in word, "frack", became so widely used as a replacement that it took on an equivalent stigma of impoliteness?

Better use frack while I can. I had better frackin' take my pile of frack, put that frack stuff in a case, and frack it to frack. For people who read this in the far future, please accept my humble apologies for the coarseness of the preceding sentence.

In related news: I also wonder whether frack's little companion "frick" will have similar high (low?) aspirations. If so, the rating of Merlin will need to be retroactively adjusted, as it has a character named "Frik".

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