Saturday, January 20, 2007

some advice in retrospect

I went on Wikipedia to do one simple thing: look up what the comic-book aficionados mean when they say "Golden Age" or "Silver Age". I have since realized this was a mistake. Don't do this unless you have time to burn! You see, as I was reading I found a link to another Wikipedia article that looked interesting. And in that article there were many links to more specific subject matter, so I opened up some of those, in new browser exponential growth of tabs. And so forth, more or less, until I freaked out about what time it was. How much of that information will I remember a mere couple days from now? Very little - my knowledge-absorption reached saturation level all too soon. Curse you, Wikipedia, for the deluge of detailed minutiae presented by your army of interlinking editors!

Postscript: I was tempted to make a snide comment about the people who took the time to key in all this information about fiction, but I'm a grateful recipient. I don't have any motivation to complain. Remind me again how fan communities got by before the Web came along, and especially Wikipedia? For that matter, remind me how casual fans like I managed to understand anything in serialized entertainment without this valuable reference.

Post-postscript: Truth be told, I'm in awe of people who know certain topics so deeply. I'm not good at spotting continuity errors, but I'm intrigued by the lengths writers will go to reconcile contradictions. "No, no, Pooky only seemed to murder Wubbly. The murdered Wubbly was a clone of the real Wubbly, who was working behind the scenes with Razmatazz to undermine the progress of Necros. The Wubbly clone came about when Wubbly's DNA merged with the psychic shadow of Hermy in a tragic smelting accident."

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