Saturday, November 18, 2006

blog updates

I switched this blog over to the new "beta", and then I applied some labels (or tags?) to the posts and tried out the blog customization. Not too shabby. Now the WordPress blogs don't make me feel quite as inferior.

Here's some further explanation about the subject each label represents, with the caveat that this list will soon be out of date:
  • .Net/F#. (ASP).Net or F#
  • Blog Responses. A response to a post on another blog
  • Metaposts. The blog
  • Philosophical Observations. Sincere but amateurish remarks about (what passes here as) deep philosophical topics
  • Rants. Rants that serve no constructive purpose
  • Reviews. Reviews of movies, books, TV
  • Software Development. Techniques, debates, and general observations of software development and programming languages
  • Software Explorations. My investigations into existing software, or any original (to me) ideas for/about software
  • Trivial Observations. Miscellaneous topics and comments

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