Sunday, September 10, 2006

spoilers ahoy over at the Lost Blog

Not much to add here, just wanted to point over to the latest entry over at the Lost Blog. If any page ever deserved the disgustingly cute adjective "spoilerific", it would be this one. Not only does it have a list of informative tidbits from all over, but it either has or links to the information from the "Lost experience" game.

On a more general note, I've been stuck on Lost since seeing the "Walkabout" episode. I purposefully avoided the first few episodes because of my violent aversion to the herd mentality. (One of the surest ways to keep me from doing something is to tell me that "everybody's doing it"). The great work they do on the show, from the camera work to the acting to the writing, mixed with fascinating backstories and a huge list of unexplained phenomena, has kept me riveted. Not every episode is good, but for me, at least, there's something inside each one that makes it redeemable. I only care to see an episode of 24 once, but episodes of Lost hold up incredibly to repeated viewing.

Oh, and my personal take on the island is that there's some serious mind-control experiments going on. Too many of the characters have had eerie visions, dreams, or hallucinations for there to be any other explanation. The show does have its trippy parts...

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